Turbo is developed for web site that based on tornado and mongodb to build rapidly and easily to scale up and maintain.

Turbo has support for:

  • Easily scale up and maintain
  • Rapid development for RESTFul api and web site
  • Django or flask style application structure
  • Easily customizing
  • Simple ORM for mongodb
  • Logger
  • Session

In addtion to the above, turbo has a command line utility turbo-admin for fast build application structure.


git clone https://github.com/wecatch/app-turbo.git
cd app-turbo/demos/helloword/app-server
python main.py

Open your brower and visit http://localhost:8888


First be sure you have MongoDB and redis installed.

pip install turbo

Install the latest

git clone https://github.com/wecatch/app-turbo.git
cd app-turbo
python setup.py install

Hello, world

turbo-admin startproject my_turbo_app
cd my_turbo_app
cd app-server
python main.py

Open your broswer and visite http://localhost:8888

Server start on port 8888 default, you can change this python main.py --port=8890