What is model

Model has two meanings, one means model Class, the other means package which encapsulates model.py

model Class represents mongodb collection and defines the collection schema.

models directory skeleton

├── __init__.py  
├── settings.py            # global setting for all models
├── base.py                # mongodb database instance mappings
├── user  
│   ├── __init__.py
│   ├── base.py  
│   ├── model.py           # all model Class, each represents one mongodb collection
│   └── setting.py         # setting for user model

Create model

To create a model, first create a package below in models, for example named with user.

├── base.py  
├── model.py  
└── setting.py  

Put code in base.py

# base.py

from models.base import *

class Model(BaseModel):

    def __init__(self):
        super(Model, self).__init__(db_name='user')

Create Class inherited from turbo.model.BaseModel

from base import *         # import BaseModel from base

class User2img(Model):

    name = 'user2img'      # collection 的名字

    field = {
        'uid':             (ObjectId, None)    ,
        'imgid':           (ObjectId, None)    ,
        'atime':           (datetime, None)    ,
        'atime':           (datetime, None)    ,

Use model in helper

from models.user import model

class User2img(model.User2img):pass